Refund / Cancellation Policy

Post installation Refunds are not allowed. Only exception to this is if customer is moving from a RFS to Non RFS Area. In these cases Customer will be refunded
on prorated basis.

1. For Pre Installation cases, refund request will be taken automatically if connection is not installed even after 7 working days of Account creation i.e. if connection
not installed between Day 0 – Day 7 then refund will be processed automatically (Day 0 is Account Creation Date). Only for reasons of “Sale Support Required”
and “Customer Delay”, refund will be initiated after 9 working days instead of 7 working day. SDSA team will inform sales on Day 3 (from WO creation) in all
scenarios mentioned as ‘Sales Support Required’ in installation file.

2. In case of customer refusal and prolonged delay, SD team need to get the refusal/delay form signed by the customer mentioning the reason for refusal/delay.

3. Billing team to send SMS to all customers for whom refund has been processed or not processed. This SMS to include rejection reason for not processed.

4. After duly approval of process document by respective authority it will not be required to take further approval on case to case basis. Any exceptions to be
approved by CE Head, Technical Head, Finance Head, Sales Head and Broadband Head. In Master Refund data, exceptions to be mentioned in a separate
column for all cases where refund was on exceptional approval.

5. Pre installation Refunds can be processed only in the following scenarios

1. Non RFS Area
2. Non Feasible Area
3. Installation Not Possible
4. Refused by Customer
5. Internal wiring (wrong commitment)
6. Tariff Plan Issue
7. Wi-Fi Range Issue
8. Wrong Address mentioned on CAF
9. Delays due to Customer